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MyCaPC is a freelance marketplace connecting businesses with skilled professionals. With a user-friendly platform, secure payment system, and a diverse talent pool, MyCaPC makes it easy to find quality freelancers.

From graphic designers to writers, programmers to marketers, MyCaPC offers a wide range of services to help businesses grow and succeed. Join today and start collaborating!

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I will design a Company Logo + Favicon

Starting FromGHS150.00

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I will create a Google Verified Business....

Starting FromGHS100.00

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I will create an eCommerce Website with ....

Starting FromGHS1,500.00

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YouTube 1K Subscribers

Starting FromGHS150.00

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Go Pro, Best for the individuals


  • 12 Project Credits
  • 10 Allowed Services
  • 20 Days visibility
  • 5 Featured Services
  • 20 Days visibility
  • 30 Days Package Expiry
  • Profile Featured:


Highest selling package features


  • 15 Project Credits
  • 12 Allowed Services
  • 25 Days visibility
  • 10 Featured Services
  • 30 Days visibility
  • 40 Days Package Expiry
  • Profile Featured:


Fully featured plan with no limits


  • 20 Project Credits
  • 25 Allowed Services
  • 30 Days visibility
  • 15 Featured Services
  • 20 Days visibility
  • 60 Days Package Expiry
  • Profile Featured:


Drive crazy, unlimited on the go!


  • Unlimited Project Credits
  • Unlimited Services
  • Services Never Expire
  • 20 Featured Services
  • Services Never Expire
  • Package Never Expire
  • Profile Featured:

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